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Welcome to my all-encomposing site. I'm putting all of my business on one page so you can see what all i'm up to here. also, i talk in all caps now. 

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18.august.2023 update

Wow, it's been awhile. I hope to have more news soon regarding what the heck I've been doing with myself for the last 5 years, but for now here's a Substack I just launched. It's dark, but we've all been to dark places in the past few years. Cheers!


It's a new podcast, guys! My youngest and I decided rather than send him to summer camp, he and I would just watch a lot of TV and binge on a lot of snacks. We call it "podcasting" so I don't look like a horrible mother. Check out Didn't We Almost Binge It All.

15.February.2017 update 

Wow, have I been slow on the update. You guys, I have my new book coming out on April 11th! Bake Sales Are My B*tch: Win the Food Allergy Wars with 60+ Recipes to Keep Kids Safe and Parents Sane. I'm super duper stoked and hope you enjoy learning how to fight fair and bake good allergy-friendly cake. 

8.october.2016 update

Oh my gerd, you guys. We just sold our house and moved! Keep up with our complete failure at DIY, WTF and why we had to have a celebrity come in and save us from ourselves.


My new book is out! My new book is out! The Gluten-Free Cheat Sheet: Go G Free in 30 Days or Less is on sale now and you know you need this biz. Get it!

25.MAY.2015 UPDATE

Oy vey. The hubs and I are going to start tackling some DIY home and garden remodeling. Learn from our (hopefully not deadly) mistakes at DIY, WTF.


If you're a gluten hater like me, please come see me this weekend in Pasadena at the Celiac Disease Foundation Conference & Expo!

9.march.2015 update

Hi there! I've just launched my latest site, which is really an addendum to Gluten Is My Bitch, called Bake Sales Are My Bitch. I'm going to tackle kid food and the top 8 food allergens. FUN.

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Luckily they apply when discussing both food, and parenting. 

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